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10 Ways to Win Customer Trust

  • by Stephanie McKenzie
  • November
We all know that customers don’t buy from people they don’t like, know and trust. Of course if we are speaking of a customer, they surely know you. However obtaining trust is not as easy as the first two aspects. Let’s discuss how one can build trust and credibility with your customers.
Here are ten ways to gain customer trust and credibility:
1. Be Yourself.
Everybody has had unpleasant experiences with salespeople, feeling manipulated. So, rather than acting or sounding like a salesperson, simply act the way you would when meeting with a colleague. Speak of things that matter to you and them. Remember to be an active listener. What things are important to them? Connect on a personal level.
2. Value the Relationship.
If you want people around you to value having a relationship with you, you must truly believe that relationship building is important. Honestly needs to be foundational to that relationship. Sending holiday greeting cards or birthday ecards also helps build a valued relationship.
3. Be Consistent.
A customer’s ability to trust you is dependent upon showing the customer that your behavior is consistent over time. When a customer can predict your behavior, that customer is more likely to trust you. Consistency is a key element to feeling secure and that begins to lead the way to trust.
4. Keep an Open Mind.
Have the client’s best interest at heart. If you’re absolutely convinced the customer needs your product, the customer will sense you’re close-minded and become close-minded in return.
5. Have a Real Discussion, not just Sales Pitches.
Meeting should be a conversation, not a sales pitch. Spend at least half of every customer meeting listening. And make certain the conversation is substantive and about real business issues.
6. Be a Professional.
Customers tend to trust individuals who are serious about what they do, and willing to take the time to achieve a deep understanding of their craft. Take the time every day to learn more about your customers, their industry and their challenges.
7. Don’t Withhold Bad News.
If you think the customer will be upset when you tell them the bad news, just imagine how much more upset they will be when they find out you knew the bad news three weeks ago and hid it from them.
8. Show Real Integrity.
Be willing to take a stand, even when it’s unpopular with your customer or your company. You don’t need to be adversarial, but have the ability to make decisions based upon what you know is right.
9. We are all Human – Your Client Does Understand that.
If you have been honest and upfront with your customers. Those times that you didn’t meet your client’s expectations – be upfront and honest. Make it right so they feel secure working with you. You don’t have to be perfect. They aren’t expecting that, but they do expect you to show up when needed!
10. And Finally: Make Promises and Keep Them.
This one take me back to my childhood. Above all, you must do what you say you will do, when you said you would do it.
Establishing early onto your client that your word means something is a trait that you will be sought after. There are many businesses that have failed simply by not keeping this skill in mind.
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Explainer Video & Video Marketing For Small & Middle Sized Businesses