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Why Send An e-Card Vs Card (Regular Mailed Card)

  • by Stephanie McKenzie
  • November

“eCards vs cards” is a debate that only came into being after the Internet became a household name. eCards were invented and began to replace real cards.

Without question there is a place and etiquette for card, however when it comes to best business practices eCards are the ONLY way to go!

No one disputes the fact that receiving a hand written card or note is lovely. This traditional approach is received with deep appreciation and care. That is clear.

Let’s examine the debate – as we outline the feature and benefits of ecards vs real cards for businesses.

  1. Time and Effort.
    As we all know, time is money and being efficient is essential to running a business today. Let’s examine the time, effort and resources needed to send a handwritten card – take time, select your card, buy the card from your local store, write a personal note, buy a stamp, and then deliver it by post office or mailbox. Now write another note for the next client.
    In contrast an ecard or a greeting video – purchase a custom or pre-made ecard video, receive it and upload it to your email list and send it out – done.

  2. Financial cost
    Let’s say you have 100 semi to active local clients. With a card that could easily mean anywhere from $80-$500 (ready-made vs custom). I’m solely including the cost of the cards and stamps, not including gas used or any other financial resource that is used.
    In contrast an eCard can cost anywhere from $24-$350 (our thanksgiving  premade video is currently on sale).

  3. Speed and Accessibility
    This one is a really a no-brainer. A card takes time and planning to ensure the client receives it (if they even get it).
    Animated eCards are loved
    is because they only need an internet connection. Everyone can send one at any time. If you’re in your house at midnight and you have an e-card you want to send, you can do it. You always have access to an eCard.

  4. Variety of Design
    A conventional greeting card in a store is restricted to shelf space and the no. of card compartments owned by the store. If you want a custom card, the planning cost and execution takes several weeks.
    However, an eCard or Greeting video, can be completely customized to your message, your colors your idea. The sky is the limit with an animated greeting video or eCard.

  5. Personalization
    Physical cards have the benefit of handwritten notes that make them more intimate and personal. eCards however, offer the possibility to personalize your card in other creative ways.
    Sending an eCard with images of your staff is a great way to personalize the bond you feel you share with your client.

  6. Environment
    Cards rely on using our limited natural resources and, could perhaps, leave a bad perception. Specifically those that truly value all environmental aspects and unnecessary overconsumption.
    That is not an issue with eCards.

  7. Address of Delivery
    Cards take actually be tricky depending on the industry and relationship you have with your client. A real estate agent would have no issue sending a card to their client’s home. But what about other industries? Some clients want their home address respected and receiving one their can be very off-putting.
    In contrast and eCard or greeting video is always welcomed in their email or your social media outlets.

  8. Shareability
    As a company one of our goals is to spread the word of our business and good deeds. However a card is very difficult to share.
    But an ecard or greeting video is a click of a button away.

Whether your a small business just starting out or a mega corporation, there is one thing that all our clients would appreciate – and that is when we take the time to give back to them. Birthday, holiday, thank you notes and more. Send an eCard with your appreciation today.

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Explainer Video & Video Marketing For Small & Middle Sized Businesses