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Why Businesses Should Send Seasonal Greeting E-Cards

  • by Stephanie McKenzie
  • November

Sending seasonal greetings is a fantastic way of appreciating customers for their patronage. It is also a great way to stay in touch with clients and promote a new business. They form lasting partnerships that take your business to another level of personal friendship. You may have heard the term “social networking” – a form of networking that does not cost a lot of money but can certainly generate valuable rewards.

Here are 5 reasons why you should send seasonal greetings this year:

1. Social Networking:

An important part of your business growth is developing your customer base. By networking, you can expand your customer list and ensure loyalty from those with whom you are already doing business. With Holiday cards for customers, you stay in touch and move your business relationship to a more personal level. Keep your contact list up to date and this one-time small expenses will pay off in the coming years.

2. Personalize Your E-card:

Sending a generic e-card or video is vastly better than your competition who doesn’t send at all, however you can do much better. You can personalize your e-card with a custom video. Personalizing your holiday message to clients. Sure you can create a completely custom video or customize a pre-made one. It will really help your business stand out and the cost is relatively inexpensive, but will make your business seem more valuable.

3. Clients will Value them:

At the end of the day your client wants to feel appreciated. A greeting e-card does just that. During the holiday season, what better time to show off your appreciation and holiday spirit!

Show your business partner or customer that they are special and that their business patronage is important to you.

4. It is good for business:

Send an impressive card to your valued customers. Greeting cards are available in all sorts of designs and themes. Getting your seasonal e-card has never been easier. You can order a custom one with VideoKiosk or a pre-made one. Remember that customers enjoy working with companies that they believe are successful. A nice e-card can look a lot more expensive than it actually is for a perceived value that speaks volumes in promoting your small scale business.

5. Thank you:

A Seasonal e-card not only sends greetings of the season, but says thank you for your business. It also strengthens your business partnerships for the coming year. Your customers and business partners are now extended family members! Like a family member, you might want to remember to send emails with photograph(s) of your office team family printed on them, especially if most of your business is done by email or phone. This is an opportunity to build loyalty and trust with minimal investment.

Sending Holiday cards to clients on different occasions is a great way to remind your customers that you are there for them and always will be.

Helpful Tips when sending an e-card

Begin by choosing the right e-card for your business. Yes, we highly suggest that it have your logo, company name but also a phrase or something the resembles and signifies you in there.

It could be a common phrase you use, a color a theme. If you see an e-card that brings both the season and your business together, then you’ll have the best of both worlds and a perfect e-card to send out. Make sure the card is clean, simple, and elegant.

The timely sending of cards is necessary and you want to make sure that you take at least a few weeks time. Make sure your e-cards are sent via email at least 3 business days in advance. The last couple of days is truly a whirlwind.


If you are looking for a completely custom greeting card or even a pre-made one, contact us.

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