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Marketing Ideas

November Marketing Ideas

  • by Stephanie McKenzie
  • November

November Marketing Ideas

November is around the corner and for many companies, this is the time to reach your clients over the next couple months and generate enough business before the year comes to an end.

It’s not too late to ramp up for the holidays.

November offers many opportunities for both offline as well as online companies and retailers as it is the beginning of the strongest seasonal shopping holidays of the year such as Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and of course Christmas in December.

To help businesses with marketing and advertising, here are seven November marketing ideas all businesses including restaurants and retailers can take advantage of to gain some extra market share.

  1. Show Your Clients Your Human Side!

With the number of upcoming holidays, November is a truly a great time to show your clients that your business is not just a brick and mortar office (or an ethernet connection if you are online). It’s more than that. Showing gratitude and recognition goes such a long way. Remember that there is Daylight Savings Time, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday. Send them seasonal videos and remind them you too share the same values and holidays.

Acknowledging your client and the holidays is a great way to share more commonalities.

2. November 28: Thanksgiving Day 

Thanksgiving holiday is undoubtedly a major shopping holiday. Offer specials, discounts, and deals as incentives to potential customers to shop. Contact your entire customer database and inform them through powerful tools such as videos; also outline the best prices, deals, and products for sale.

3. Promote Gift Ideas throughout the month

Many struggle with what to buy for their partners, family members, and friends. For better sales, assist your customers with gift ideas. Retailers that help consumers with gift ideas and gift wrapping options will have better chances at sales.
For those of you that have a blog, blog about November promotional ideas to gain more attention.

4. Thankful Thursday

Highlight your employees on social media or your blog and have them express what they are thankful for.

Ask for comments, likes and shares from your team to increase engagement. This will incorporate the holiday, showcase your employees and ultimately your company.

5. Thanksgiving Day

Be sure to thank your followers and members for patronizing your business. Use videos that express gratitude or post something humorous. Maintain your brand voice and create something valuable to your members as part of your Thanksgiving Marketing ideas.

6. Gear-up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two very important shopping days of the year. Plenty of promotions and marketing should be done ahead of time to ensure customers and consumers are aware of the deals and specials you have for them. Online marketing, video, paid advertising, SEO, content marketing campaigns, and Social Media are the forms of marketing you can utilize to gear-up.

7. Friends giving Holiday

Friends giving is a great time to encourage members to bring family or friends into your gym or studio. Offer a “bring a friend” for FREE promotion as your gift for this holiday. Get new prospects to your business and leave them hungry for more.

If you are looking for ways to implement these strategies or others into your marketing mix please feel free to contact us.

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