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Marketing Ideas

May Marketing Ideas

  • by Stephanie McKenzie
  • May

1. National Small Business Week: April 30 – May 6, 2017

Use this week for networking by attending a National Small Business Week event in your area. If you cannot find any event, brainstorm with other small business owners to create your own. Think of writing a blog post to tell stories about your small business.

2. Memorial Day: May 29

This is a day to remember Americans who have died while serving in the U.S. armed forces. It also marks the unofficial commencement of summer and many people have family gathering and picnics during the long weekend.

Consider posting pictures of soldiers and flags on your social media platforms. You can also offer a schedule of local Memorial Day events and a special Memorial Day promotion.

3. National Hamburger Day: May 28

Many people usually celebrate this Memorial Day with burgers. It offers a great opportunity to attract customers to your restaurant. As part of May marketing ideas, you can attract customers by promoting your hamburgers with enticing images on social media or create limited time offers on your burgers.

4. Cinco de Mayo: May 5

This day gives you an opportunity to be creative and enjoy your time promoting your business. Consider writing an article to tell a story around your business — how you started and how you are succeeding against bigger competitors. Whatever you do, inform your clients/customers/fans that you are doing something special for the day and begin now to promote the holiday.

5. Mother’s Day – May 14

Since it was proclaimed to be a national holiday in 1914, Americans have been celebrating Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May. Everyone will be seeking for gift ideas and many will not make any purchase until the week before. As the holiday approaches, you need to intensify your promotions.

Some may promotion ideas  for Mother’s Day include using special flower bouquets to show some love for the moms in your locality. You can also offer promotional packages and discounts for Mother’s Day.

6. Use social media for Mother’s Day marketing

Take advantage of Pinterest for the holiday. Design a board featuring entertaining ideas and gift items for Mother’s Day. All pins need not be from your business; invite your followers to also participate.

Either use a trending hashtag on Twitter and Instagram or create your own to start a conversation.


7. The Royal Wedding: May 19

You can attract customers to celebrate the royal wedding with a royal-themed lunch at your restaurant and bar.

Your royal lunch menu can feature smoked salmon sandwiches or scones —British tea-time favorites, along with waffles and pancakes – American brunch classics.

You can also serve English breakfast with tomatoes, egg, bacon, sausages, and bacon.

8. National Foodies Day – May 9

You can celebrate your customers on this day by serving special “secret” dishes on your menu – only reveal the secret to your followers/fans on social media. Also, you can offer a special tasting menu or prix-fixe for you customers to have a taste of your best dish on the menu

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Explainer Video & Video Marketing For Small & Middle Sized Businesses