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Marketing Ideas

June Marketing Ideas

  • by Stephanie McKenzie
  • June

This is a great month to invite customers to have a break from the summer heat. There are many great events in this month to plan promotions around.

Here are 8 June marketing ideas that may drive customer engagement and loyalty to your business this month.

1. National Doughnut Day: June 1st

This day may not bring huge attention, but a good customer relations strategy would be to take up a few boxes and give a free doughnut to customers as a freebie just for stopping by to shop. If your business deals on doughnuts, you can offer a special discount on boxes for all the customers that will patronize your business on this day.

2. National Chocolate Ice Cream Day: June 7th 

The IDFA (International Dairy Foods Association) made a declaration that Vanilla is the topmost flavor in the whole of United States. The time is ripe for Chocolate to overtake Vanilla. This is one of the June promotion ideas that can be a huge if you are in the frozen desserts business. Try offering a promotion or discount on chocolate flavors.

3. Red Rose Day: June 12th

June is the season for weddings, and roses are to a large extent the most popular flower of choice for weddings. Setup a special promotion for June Brides or create a promotion on your social media page where individuals can post images of the roses in their garden in exchange for a prize or discount.

4. Flag Day: June 14th.

You can celebrate the patriotic spirit by giving a special or discount for everyone with an extra discount for military and first responders. Use Blue, White, and Red colors to decorate your business. Give away small flags to help communicate the spirit of patriotism.

5. Father’s Day: June 17th

Join in the celebration of Dads all over the world by offering a special or discount throughout the weekend. If your business operates on Sundays, organize an extra special only for Dads. Similar to Mother’s Day, create a special which is affordable to kids so they can purchase something for their Dad.

6. National Splurge Day: June 18th

This is one of the June sales promotion ideas to latch on to. Give your clients or customers a reason to break their diet or pamper themselves on this day. A great ways to set the stage is by using promotions such as 50% off or “buy one get one free”.

7. National Selfie Day: June 21st 

Take advantage of this day to get loyal customers to advertise your business on your behalf. Offer a discount or Bounce-Back special for anyone that post a selfie of your business on social media. Ensure they tag your business to get the credit. Offer to give more if they give you a great review!

8. Take your Dog to Work Day: June 22nd 

Although it may not really work to have dogs in your business, try organizing a social media photo or video contest of people with their dogs at their place of work. Give a discount to anyone who show or post a picture on your social media page.

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