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Marketing Ideas

July Marketing Ideas

  • by Stephanie McKenzie
  • July

Independence Day is just few days away and you are either warming up to cash in on the sales or you’re still bereft of Independence day marketing ideas for your business. Fourth of July is closing in on us, and Americans will be expecting freebies, special deals, and some shopping. The ball is in your court to make the most of it.

Here are eight (8) best July Marketing ideas that can be implemented on all kinds of businesses.

1. Create content for your social media channels

The Fourth of July holiday is an avenue to do something unique with your marketing campaign. Create custom images for all of your social media channels.

You can use your products to create a collage of the American flag.  

2. Send an email newsletter

Send an email to inspire your clients. Do not be too promotional; rather, focus on being helpful with either a recipe, a tip, or an invitation to an event. If you have promotions running, make sure the conditions are clear and signing up is simple.

3. Stick to blue, white and red colors

These colors are important for everything you’re planning to do as part of 4th of July promotion ideas. Use them to show your patriotism online by elaborating them on your email campaigns and social media posts. Decorate your store or office with these colors and then display it for your social media followers to see.

4. Use trending hashtags

Use relevant and popular hashtags to extend the reach of your business on social media channels. If you use them and you have a great content, your business could get many more followers. Make sure you use trending hashtags and use yours also when necessary. These are some examples: #redwhiteandblue, #IndependenceDay, #America, #FourtofJuly, #4thofJuly, #July4th

5. Offer promotional codes

This is the usual practice for any holiday and it still works very well. Be encouraged to make it a bit more special than usual.

Discounts with color coding may work if you have a large product range, e.g. 20% off for red products, 15% off for blue ones. Alternatively, you can contact your existing customers to remind them of the amazing referral program you have – a short and sweet email will do.

6. Organize photo contest on social media:

If you are looking for an Independence Day marketing idea that is easy to implement, this is one of the best. This is the ideal time to persuade your followers to take photos and share them with you. Start a contest and lighten up your social media profiles with selfies from your customers.

7. Give your customers some extra special Reward

Give out some freebies. Surprise your customers with free gifts. From gift cards to chocolates and candy, anything will do so long as they have the three colors of the American flag. If you are in the entertainment business, urge your visitors/audience to put on blue, white and red.

8. Give a red, white and blue makeover to your workplace

If you don’t have the budget to give out freebies, make a photo booth with background having the three colors and props to make your customers think about the holiday. Urge them to post their photos on social media and politely request them to tag your location or brand.

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