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Marketing Ideas

August Marketing Ideas

  • by Stephanie McKenzie
  • August

We will soon enter the last month of summer and there are lots of August marketing ideas for you to get more customers patronizing your business.

1. Back-to-school Videos and Articles:

August is an important month for back-to-school purchases. About 8% of the shopping will be done online. It is estimated that parents will shop from at least 3 ecommerce sites.

2. Leisure and Travel Ideas.

August is a popular travel month. Folks are likely to take a vacation before kids resume school. It is a good time to publish leisure and travel activity ideas.

3. International Beer Day

Breweries and pubs in an estimated 200 cities worldwide will be participating in the International Beer Day. This growing event can be an opportunity for your august marketing articles, videos, or post.

4. Aspirational Articles

Many marketers have had success with content that cause their audience to dream. To give your customers what they needs, pay close attention to what they want to be and help out.

5. Videos for Top Products

Product content can be a part of your august promotion ideas, too. In August, select your top 10 products and create an informative video that talks about them.

6. 10th of August is National Lazy Day: Give your customers or audience reasons to lounge around with you and what they stand to gain while doing so.

7. Celebrate the birthday of celebrities with your clients. Some of the birthdays include August 11th—Hulk Hogan, August 4th- Barack Obama, August 15th—Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lawrence, and August 14th—Mila Kunis, Halle Berry.

8.  National Simplify Your Life Week

Draw up a list of ways your clients could make their life simple. You may relate this to health and fitness. Ensure to add something like “In honor of National Simplify Your Life Week” to make customers and prospects see the correlation.

9. Celebrate August birthdays with your customers. Send a coupon to those celebrating their birthday. This will not only bring in customers, it will also create loyalty.

10. Back to School Time

Many parents will have a little more time now that the kids are back in school. You can promote a “back to school” special to help parents to get back to their work routine.

11. Organize an end-of-summer picnic for your clients and employees.  Rent a pavilion at a local park and bring yard games for extra entertainment.

12. August 16th is National Tell a Joke Day. Send out an offer to customers who come to the store and tell a joke to the cashier after ordering.

13. Organize a back-to-school contest with a gift certificate as the main prize.  Ask participants to snap a picture and tag you on social media to qualify to win.

14. Send a special edition of your email newsletter with a link to amazing articles about home office design and productivity.  Also include an awesome coupon exclusively for them.

15. Increase your customer list by giving away back-to-school book bags containing gift cards, snacks, and school supplies.  Print forms to collect their email addresses to add them to your lists.

16. Over half of the small businesses in the US are home based. Get an email list of home based businesses and send them personalized letters about how you can help them meet their needs.

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Explainer Video & Video Marketing For Small & Middle Sized Businesses